Quiet Mutiny

In the year 1806 a convict woman named Charlotte Badger was transported to Van Diemen’s Land aboard the Venus. During this voyage Charlotte staged a mutiny, seizing the ship and sailing off to New Zealand. in this quiet mutiny, she was a pirate, an adventurer, a woman treading her own path. Charlotte Badgers bold actions inspired her own embarquement of Quiet Mutiny in this fabled land. 

We are proud to present you Quiet Mutiny; the new label from talented Tasmanian winemaker Greer Carland. Despite her previous winemaking ventures to France, North and South America Greer has also had her hand in many other Tasmanian wines. Over the years she has been heading her family winery at Laurel Bank before a change of events leading her to success after success with most recently taking home a Gold Medal at the 2018 National Cool Climate Wine Show. Now with her hands firmly steering the ship towards a bright future with Charlotte Badger: the heroine of the Quiet Mutiny story, we can only hope for more and more stunning releases that hold that remarkable Coal River richness and charm.

Courtesy of Apostrophe Wines