Angullong’s Rose & Vermentino released

The Orange Region’s Angullong wines have released their gold medal winning 2019 Angullong ‘Fossil Hill’ Rosé  ($26) along with their 2019 Angullong ‘Fossil Hill’ Vermentino ($26).

There a number of Sangiovese clones planted in the vineyard, however the 2019 Angullong ‘Fossil Hill’ Rosé is made from the ‘Grosso’ Sangiovese clone, planted 20  years ago. “Sangiovese ‘Grosso’ has proven to be a great clone for our rosé style; responding particularly well to Orange’s cooler region,” commented owner Ben Crossing.

“We’re aiming to make a lively, textural and sophisticated rosé style, promoting the primary fruit flavours. The volumes were lower than average this vintage due to the ongoing dry conditions, however the flavours are vibrant and fresh.”

The Sangiovese was harvested and crushed and left in contact with the skins for a few hours to achieve the desired colour. The juice was then fermented in stainless steel and bottled early to retain its freshness.

The new vintage Rosé is joined by the 2019 Angullong ‘Fossil Hill’ Vermentino.  Vermentino is widely planted in Liguria in north-west Italy as well as Sardinia and Piemonte. It is also grown in southern France and on the island of Corse.

In Australia there was a little under 2,000 tonnes of Vermentino crushed in 2018. “It is slowly increasing in popularity, with over 100 wineries now producing a Vermentino. While it is a variety that has been linked to warmer climates, it is thriving in Orange, with the cooler ripening highlighting the variety’s natural acidity.”

“We grafted our Vermentino onto existing vines in 2012, with the 2019 vintage our fifth release. It has been encouraging to see the wine find its niche as a light to medium bodied wine with an attractive combination of fruit intensity and gracefulness.”