Robert Stein Wines continues to shine with release of 2019 Rieslings

Winemaker Jacob Stein is commemorating his tenth vintage back at his family’s winery with the release of his acclaimed 2019 Robert Stein Dry Riesling and 2019 Robert Stein Half-Dry Riesling; both having garnered an impressive tally of medals.

“We have had a fantastic run with our Rieslings” said winemaker Jacob Stein. “The 2019 vintage has been the most awarded in the year of its release which is encouraging for the future. We have seen the wines continue to improve with a few years in the bottle.”

The Robert Stein Dry Riesling is one of the region’s flagship wines, with the 2016 vintage awarded the Trophy for the Best Riesling at the 2019 Sydney Royal Wine Show.

“I’ve been back in Mudgee for the last ten years and it’s been an extremely rewarding time.  I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to implement my winemaking philosophy and to manage the family vineyard with this view. It’s certainly been a lot of hard work but it’s evident in the level of wines we are producing.”

“Our vineyard management has also had a major shift with a renewed focus on soil health and vine nutrition.  The winery has undergone two extensions and many upgrades, all with a view to increase the quality of the wines we are making for ourselves and for others.”

“We have built great relationships with a number of Mudgee Riesling growers and thus have an increasing number of components from which to choose, allowing for more blending options and complexity in the finished wines.”

Jacob’s inherent connection to Riesling is Australia’s longest.  It started with his ancestor Johann Stein, a ‘vine dresser’ who was employed by the Macarthur family to bring Riesling vines to Australia in 1838. The family then planted vines at Sydney’s Prospect Creek during the 1880s which succumbed to phylloxera. Jumping forward to 1976, Jacob’s grandfather, Robert Stein reignited the family history by planting vines in Mudgee. 

Possibly one of Mudgee’s busiest winemakers, Jacob Stein is just getting started. “We have some exciting plans for the future” said Jacob, “Mudgee is still one of Australia’s unsung Riesling regions.   However, with a growing collection of awards, such as the trophy in Sydney, I’m hopeful we are starting to change perceptions.” 

Jacob and the Robert Stein Winery experienced an incredibly successful 2019 Mudgee Wine Show, winning eight trophies, plus an additional four trophies awarded to wines they produce for the Mudgee region.


2019 Robert Stein Dry Riesling (Mudgee, NSW)
pH: 2.93  |  TA: 8.3  |  RS: 1.8g/L

Trophy, Cairns Wine Show 2019
Trophy, Cowra Wine Show 2019
Gold Medal, Australia & New Zealand Boutique Wine Show 2019
Gold Medal, Cairns Wine Show 2019
Gold Medal, Cowra Wine Show 2019
Gold Medal, Australian National Single Vineyard Wine Show 2019
Gold Medal, NSW Small Winemakers Show 2019
Gold Medal, Mudgee Wine Show 2019
Gold Medal, NSW Wine Awards 2019

2019 Robert Stein Half Dry Riesling (Mudgee, NSW)
pH: 2.98  |  TA: 8.9  |  RS: 15g/L

Champion Wine of the Show, Mudgee Wine Show 2019
Trophy, Mudgee Wine Show 2019
Gold Medal, Mudgee Wine Show 2019
Gold Medal, Winewise Small Vignerons Awards 2019