NEW BREWS: Urbanaut Brewing The Blender Blood Orange + Mango Sour

What do you get when you combine a ‘blood orange Kviek IPA’ with a ‘Mosaic Hopped Sour’?

Yes, a lot of words and descriptors, but also something incredibly unconventional with an ability to enjoy in several ways.

This is what New Zealand’s Urbanaut Brewing Co. have produced, packaged and shipped to our doorstep. Aptly named the “Beer Blender” a product that contains (at first) 2x 250ml beers designed to be enjoyed separately or blended to create a new beer.

On one side you have the blood orange Kviek IPA bringing its intense orangey/raspberry flavour with tropical undertones attributed to the Norwegian Kviek yeast strain added. On the other side, you have the mango sour, amped up with the ever-popular juicy grapefruit forward hop; ‘Mosaic’. Both could be standalone superstars but blend them together and see where the magic really begins.