Beer Showcase: St.Parick’s Day

Top O’ The Mornin’ to ya, and a Happy (belated) St Patrick’s Day for this past Tuesday.

The cooler weather of Orange is pairing perfectly with the darker and more comforting styles of beer.

So, swap out those fruity hops of your favourite big IPA or the crispness of your go-to refreshing lager and get on the roasted malts bandwagon.

If you are a fan of the creamy thick head of a Guinness stout or Kilkenny Old Ale, which comes about as a result of nitrogens exposure to the liquid, then get your hands on Melbourne’s own Temple Brewing and their “Nitro Espresso Stoutini”.

It’s the same creamy, thick mouthfeel but with a kick of coffee beans. Give this can a rigorous shake beforehand, pour upright, and watch the magic happen.

If you want to keep it simple, on a cold night in front of the fire, with a beer that has a smooth malt backbone with toffee and caramel upfront flavours then pick up a can of Southern Highlands Celtic Red Ale or Hope Brewhouse 9% Imperial Red Ale. Both are sure to fill the belly and ease you into any cool autumn night.