In celebration of International Women’s Day this past Sunday the 8th of March we shine a light on Australia’s first all-female owned brewery; Two Birds Brewing.

Located in the inner-city Melbourne suburb of Spotswood, this award-winning brewery typifies everything that is good about the craft beer industry here in Australia. 

The brewery itself is the brainchild of founders Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen who, after a round trip tour to the West Coast of the US in 2010 visiting breweries and witnessing first-hand the boom of independently owned craft beer on the American beer landscaped, inevitably hatched the idea to open a brewery of their own. 

With an emphasis on approachable and balanced styles of beers that appeal to both beer nerds and first-timers to the craft scene. They have developed a reputation as one of the breweries leading the way in converting Australian drinkers away from the commercially owned beers.

Throughout the years, with release after release of their beers and the grand opening of their cellar door ‘The Nest’ in 2014, Two Birds Brewing has picked up several awards including champion ‘medium’ brewery at the Australian International Beer Awards in 2016.

Come on down and see why Two Birds Brewing is such great ambassador of good beer in Australia.