Beer style highlight: Brut IPA

We all love a hazy New England IPA style of beer (NEIPA), from its pillowy full mouthfeel to its intensely juicy and often tropical flavours. 

But ever wondered what was on the other end of the IPA spectrum? Introducing the Brut IPA.

A relatively new style of IPA tracing its origins back to late 2018 to the breweries of San Francisco in the US. A craft beer mecca of sorts, renowned for being an area with a melting pot of styles and cultures, most particularly with their unique beer scene. 

The name itself pays tribute to brut, a dry champagne, and it is through that dryness that makes this style so iconic. 

By exploiting certain enzymes in the brewing process that were normally reserved for breaking down those hard to ferment complex sugars in beers the likes of Imperial Stouts and Barleywines, brewers have turned that technique on its head and used it on traditional IPA’s, creating a much more dryer, crisp and somewhat citric style of IPA. 

Enjoy Nomad Brewing’s own Australian ‘Brut IPA’ available here in store or through our website. Better yet, compare it against its polar-opposite the ‘NEIPA’, and in particular Badlands Brewing recently released local “Acronym Abuse” NEIPA