Beer Style Showcase IIPA’s & IIIPA’s

They are big, they are boozy, and more often than not, are quite well balanced too.

But what do all these extra “I’s” mean?

For the standard Double India Pale Ale (IIPA), the extra “I” indicates an ‘Imperial’ version of an IPA, which generally means an extra addition of hops and a scaling up of the beer’s alcohol content and International Bitterness Units (IBU).

For the Triple IPA (IIIPA), some may argue it stands for an imperial-imperial IPA, However (extra letter aside), to be considered in the echelons of that category the beer has to be minimum 10% ABV and carry no less than the maximum 100 IBU.

The New England Brewing ‘Smalltowner’ IIPA, is a combination of Mosaic and El Dorado hops, keeping it juicy and with a pillowy malt profile.

From Capital Brewing Co, their ‘Big Drop’ IIPA, with green melon and lime flavours, is a resiny beer for the dank beer style fans. We also have a super limited edition of both the Hope Brewhouse 11.1% Jet Black IIIPA and Akasha Brewery’s annual birthday beer ‘Wooden Leg’ IIIPA.