Distiller Showcase Baker Williams (Mudgee)

“He said ‘Let’s build a distillery’. She said, ‘Lets make Butterscotch Schnapps’. The rest is history.”

Focusing on regional flavours and influences, Baker Williams Distillery is one of the best distillers in NSW.

Established in 2011 by Helen Baker and Nathan Williams, the Mudgee distillery is home to an eclectic team of individuals self-named ‘The Muck-Mucks’ who have been producing a diverse range of spirits and liqueurs for nearly a decade. 

For the cold winter bitten days, we have the Baker Williams ‘Orancello’ with its zesty liquid marmalade qualities.

For the cool nights we have the ‘Butterscotch Schnapps’ a perfect pairing to go with any sweet dessert. We also secured a limited amount of their ‘XLCR’ Gin which uses botanicals sourced both locally and from around the globe. It is an unfiltered spirit, which only adds to the intense flavour of the Gin itself.