Local Legend: Pandemic Porter & Fresh Hop Steam Ale

Local beer producers Badlands Brewing and Pioneer Brewing have developed a couple of new beers; super fresh hops and delectable vanilla infused dark beers.

Earlier this month Badlands head brewer and owner Jon Shiner visited Tallaganda Hop Farm (1.5hrs south of Canberra) to source fresh hops for his next creation.

The plan was to obtain a collection of fresh Chinook, Cascade, and Victoria hops, and to return to the brewery within 24 hours to showcase the quality, structure, and flavour of the hops picked.

The resulting Badlands Brewing 2020 ‘Hop Harvest’ Steam Ale is a tasty beer with a structured and mellow hop smoothness adding to an otherwise extremely hoppy beer. A profile achieved through fresh hops.

On the other end of the spectrum we have Pioneer Brewing’s latest limited release, the ‘Pandemic Porter’.

It is a darker beer which uses an infusion of fresh vanilla bean to add a creamy softness to complement the chocolate undertones of the Porter style.

Its sessionable ABV of 5% means it is a delicious beer without the fill-you-up nature that is typical of darker beers.