Lowe Wines

David Lowe has been making wine in Mudgee for many years.

The Winery specialises in small batch, organic and biodynamic wines, particularly Shiraz, Merlot, Zinfandel and Riesling.

Each vintage is carefully worked on by a new diversely global team of winemakers. Each willing to pass on their passionate knowledge and experience to the betterment of that year’s vintage. It’s little wonder when you get your hands on one of the wines from the Lowe range you’ve got something uniquely special.

By exclusively working in small batches this means each wine is given the care and attention it requires, while also retaining the distinctive characteristics synonymous with its origins.

Being untrellised and unirrigated also permits the grapes to grow undisturbed and without excessive intervention, allowing the wines to reach their full potential by more or less their own means.