Hop profile Series

Welcome to the Hop Profile Series, where we will take you down the fruity, aromatic, and often bitter road that is hops. 

Brewing beer is as much a science as it is an art and hops are one of the key ingredients that need to be in every formula. 

But before we dive headfirst into any particular hop variety – a bit of backstory is needed.

Essentially the hops that are used in brewing are the flower of a climbing plant that is a member of the hemp family. The hop flowers themselves contain lupulin, a substance that contains essential oils, bitter acids, and resins, which are all released when boiled. 

Importantly hops add balance to a beer, because without them, beers would be far too sweet (due to all the malted grains). 

Different varieties of hops have different flavours, like citrus, pine, floral, fruit and more. They will impart different flavours into the finished product and brewers will create new brews using unique combinations. 

Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter as we focus on the unique ‘Sabro’ Hop and a few delicious beers we have that encompass it.