Hops series: Mosaic

In last week’s newsletter, we started our hop profile journey by giving you some backstory to that aromatic, fruity, and sometimes bittering beer ingredient known as hops.

This week we narrow our gaze and shine a light on the interesting hop variety known as Mosaic. If you ever crack open an IPA, only to get a waft of mango and grapefruity aromas, most likely the brewer has jacked up that beer with Mosaic hops.

Developed in 2012 by the US based ‘Hop Breeding Company’, it is highly effective in their triple-use of providing aroma, flavour, and bittering.

The mosaic hop style quickly latched onto a booming beer market and is now widely grown and used worldwide.

For further info on Mosaic specs: http://www.hopslist.com/hops/dual-purpose-hops/mosaic/

We have many tasty beers in our fridges that utilise the Mosaic Hop; but we’ve put together a duo-pack of two very-different styles of beers that use Mosaic in unique ways.