Hops series: Nelson Sauvin

Something for the Savvy B wine lovers sees us explore the unique ‘Nelson Sauvin’ hop varietal.

So called ‘Nelson Sauvin’ for its similar flavour and aromatic characteristics to that of the Sauvignon Blanc wine grape, it was developed in New Zealand and released to the beer world in 2000. 

Gooseberry, stone fruit, and a smooth bitterness dominate its flavour and mouthfeel, and its bountifully used by craft brewers due to its eccentric qualities.

It can be a polarising hop to use in brewing, but if utilised well, the flavours can complement and enhance many different styles of beers. 

Try these two Nelson Sauvin inspired beers from our beer collection in this week’s hop duo-pack:

Badlands Brewing New World Pilsener.
Garage Project Pernicious Weed Double IPA.