The Lane Cellars People’s Choice Wine Awards

2020 People’s Choice Announced

The Lane Cellars People’s Choice Wine Awards have today announced their 2020 winners. 

The awards are a new consumer-based survey designed to engage Orange Region wine drinkers at a time when COVID19 has caused the cancellation of a number of major events during the Orange Wine Festival.

The Awards cover ten key categories, from Sparkling Wines and Sauvignon Blanc, through to Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The winners are:

People’s Choice Sparkling Wine
See Saw Prosecco

People’s Choice Riesling
Rikard Riesling

People’s Choice Sauvignon Blanc
Angullong Sauvignon Blanc

People’s Choice Chardonnay
Swinging Bridge ‘Mrs Payten’ Chardonnay

People’s Choice Other white varieties / styles
Brangayne Pinot Grigio

People’s Choice Rosé
Angullong ‘Fossil Hill’ Rosé

People’s Choice Pinot Noir
Swinging Bridge ‘M.A.W.’ Pinot Noir

People’s Choice Shiraz
Philip Shaw ‘The Idiot’ Shiraz

People’s Choice Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet blends
Brangayne ‘Tristan’ Cabernet Shiraz Merlot

People’s Choice other red wines
Swinging Bridge ‘#006’ Tempinot

“We are extremely happy with the response that we have for these new awards,” commented  The Lane Cellars’ David Cumming. “There was a good spread of favourite wines across all the categories with all of the wines in the region gaining votes.”

“We believe that these awards are a new and exciting way to showcase the region’s wines and will continue to build on it next year. They will complement the Orange Wine Show; it will be interesting to compare the results in future years.”

2020 People’s Choice Winners