Bloodwood Malbec 2017

Flavoursome, great with food, and overall stellar in their own quiet way. This is what you get with a wine from one of Orange’s founding wineries, Bloodwood. We’ve been incredibly lucky to secure a pre-release of their 2017 Malbec. Now available in the shop and online. It’s a must have local red for the backend … Read more

Hop Series: Galaxy

Who doesn’t love a bit of Aussie passionfruit flavours; harking back to childhood memories of sipping down pasito’s on a Sunday arvo. Well we’ve got the ‘adult’ version here in shop, and it comes in the form of our next ‘hop series’ showcase with Australia’s own Galaxy Hop. Donning the highest percentage of essential oils … Read more

Hops series: Nelson Sauvin

Something for the Savvy B wine lovers sees us explore the unique ‘Nelson Sauvin’ hop varietal. So called ‘Nelson Sauvin’ for its similar flavour and aromatic characteristics to that of the Sauvignon Blanc wine grape, it was developed in New Zealand and released to the beer world in 2000.  Gooseberry, stone fruit, and a smooth … Read more

Hops series: Mosaic

In last week’s newsletter, we started our hop profile journey by giving you some backstory to that aromatic, fruity, and sometimes bittering beer ingredient known as hops. This week we narrow our gaze and shine a light on the interesting hop variety known as Mosaic. If you ever crack open an IPA, only to get … Read more

Hop profile Series

Welcome to the Hop Profile Series, where we will take you down the fruity, aromatic, and often bitter road that is hops.  Brewing beer is as much a science as it is an art and hops are one of the key ingredients that need to be in every formula.  But before we dive headfirst into … Read more

Fireside brews

It is certainly dark beer weather now, and our fridges are stocked full of them. We’ve pulled together a fun little 6-pack of ‘Winter Warmer’ dark beers that are made both locally and from afar that’ll put hairs on anyone’s chest. Think stouts, porters, and rich, malty Red IPA’s.

Mulled Wines for Winter

Traditionally a means by working class English to spice and flavour poorly stored wines imported from France during the 19th century, mulled wine has evolved to become a red wine cocktail that warms and soothes during the colder months.  Mulled wines are generally spiced with an array of oriental spices like cinnamon, cloves and star anise, … Read more

Beer Merch

Get rugged up in the latest merch. So far, we’ve got T-Shirts and Hats from Badlands Brewery, New England Brewing and Yullis. There will be some cool gear including more shirts, trucker hats, and interesting glassware to complement our array of independent beers. 

Giaconda Estate: Australian Icons

Super premium Pinot Noir and Shiraz is what you enjoy when you open a bottle of Giaconda Estate from Beechworth, Victoria. You can taste the provenance crafted by the hands and careful consideration in every winemaking step by owner and vigneron Rick Kinzbrunner. Aptly awarded 95 points and 96 points respectively by wine guru Huon Hooke, these … Read more

Serruria Wines

We love backing the small producers at The Lane Cellars. Our latest discovery is young winemakers Carla & Ashton from ‘Serruria Wines’ out of Mudgee.  Small batch, natural, unfiltered styles, with grapes sourced locally within the Central West (including Mudgee and Orange), these newly released Sauvignon Blanc (95 Points, The Winefront) and Fiano are lovely … Read more